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MLM business - Skeptic reviews of network marketing

MLM”, “MLM”, “Multi-Level Marketing” - definitions behind which network marketing is hidden. The direction is growing and developing both in ordinary life and in the virtual world. I have repeatedly received offers to master this niche. They assured that MLM business is the best that can happen to a person. They offered to watch various kinds of presentations, take part in trainings and seminars. How beautiful, and most importantly, convincingly sounded the speeches of people who earn millions. I also wanted to get involved in this world of financial well-being and secure old age. 

MLM business as a way to make money online

So what is still far from retirement (especially in the light of today's reforms), the main thing is to take the first step. The main thing is to start and then everything will be indispensable and necessary. Natural curiosity pulled me into the world of network marketing, MLM and other obscure at first glance terms. What came of this, I will tell in detail. I warn you right away, there will be many letters. Perhaps even someone will see themselves in my experience. Someone will laugh and forget, and someone will draw the appropriate conclusions. I foresee in advance the indignation of “leaders”, “mentors” and “first-level masters”. Yes, there are leaders, now even the “consultants” are upset, but I’m not at all interested in this. I repeat that everything that is written in this publication is my personal experience, my personal observations and my personal conclusions. Who does not like, pass by? And I consider it my duty to protect at least the scantiest part of network users from such misfortune as MLM business. Let's start ?!

How the Skeptic was pulled into MLM

I have a page in the social network VKontakte. From time to time, users who are completely new to me visit her. There is nothing surprising in this. I do not pretend to be public, but what I have been doing lately has made me unfamiliar people ask me to be friends. After the approval of the application, many try to start acquaintance with the imposition of their projects. The proposals are different, but the meaning of most of them is that they offer to participate in an MLM project. Having ignored dozens of such proposals, the Skeptic decides to consider one of them. Before entering into a dialogue with the inviting party, the first thing I start to look for information on the network. What is hidden behind the abbreviation of three letters? The omniscient Wikipedia explained that we are talking about the sale of goods and services by attracting independent distributors. In a word, there is a manufacturer who, for some reason unknown to anyone, does not sell his product through outlets. He hires people for these purposes, who in turn must invite other people. The invitees, in turn, invite more people. And so on ad infinitum. Well, or until the company is interested in certain bodies. Further communication with the search engine brings me to a huge number of publications. These are posts and blogs and simply reviews on various resources. All incoming information can be safely divided into two blocks:

  1. MLM business is cool. This is money and financial freedom. 

  2. MLM business is a scam. This is a financial pyramid and in some places even sectarianism.

How much is communication with a millionaire? 

There is no third. Therefore, I had to deal with what I have. In the midst of such an information attack on my brain, another message appears on the social network. I have published the dialogue below: Greetings, Madhuri. Glad to see you as a friend. Regardless of what kind of business or project you are involved in, the task of the VIRTUAL MENTOR is to withdraw you from rs. 1000000 for 90 days. Is it interesting for you? Write, I’ll tell you how. 

-Greetings, Madhuri. Glad to see you as a friend. Regardless of what kind of business or project you are involved in, the task of the VIRTUAL MENTOR is to withdraw you from $ 20,000 for 90 days. Is it interesting for you? Write, I’ll tell you how. 

Hello Vladimir. Do you yourself believe that you can earn rs? 1000000 in 90 days? 

Maria, these are not just words, everything is calculated. ))))
 Rahul, the fact is that I am a skeptic by nature and do not take anyone's word. Are there screenshots from your wallet? Cards?

 In order to better understand how the system works, I suggest visiting a private event, which will discuss this topic. 

paid entrance?
and the way out?

 and the way out is how you decide. Everything depends on you, everything is in your hands and head. 

Madhuri, watch the video and everything will become clear.

Next, I am invited to watch a video lasting 47 minutes! 47 minutes !!! I was told how people lose money on the Internet, how bad everything is. But there is a miracle project that will change my whole life. There is a project that will make me successful in the shortest possible time. Like all networkers, I will soon have a good house and a car. I will travel the world 300 days a year. And all these joys of life I will gain only through network marketing. At about 20 minutes, I get tired of hearing the same thing, only in a different presentation. But I am a persistent person and go to the end. And in the end they say to me that I'm new and I can’t see beautiful houses and expensive cars without working with a “virtual mentor”. This is not a free case. BUT! I will have the opportunity to chat with what is called “live” with a dollar millionaire! 

Well, I was right surprised until I can! Live dollar millionaire! 

It so happened that in my life I had a chance to communicate with dollar millionaires and you know what I will tell you? These people never utter unnecessary words. Even in a friendly conversation, they are not verbose and never, never! Do not talk about their affairs. And even more, so they don’t talk about how they got the first or last million. And here: individual work! 2 calls in 45 minutes! Doubtful joy for 39,200 rubles! 

Is MLM business a pyramid scheme?
But the main thing is not even that. The main thing is that I have to transform from a normal person into a real sectarian. My earnings will be based on the fact that I will invite people to the project, which, in fact, is the real financial pyramid. Here, all earnings are based on what I will need to pay for training. Next, you need to invite at least 20 people to the project, who will also in turn pay for the training. From their money I will be charged a fee. And a little more will come from people invited by my partners, etc. The problem is that I don’t want anyone to invite a dummy to the project. I do not presume to say that the entire MLM business is a dummy. I can say for sure that this is a huge soap bubble. Yes, there are companies that work successfully by choosing a network marketing strategy for themselves. BUT! Let's talk about how they work:

 1) they have a product that needs to be sold (in my case, this is a useless course and communication with a millionaire)

 2) the next level partners must be involved in the marketing network.

 Now consider both MLM business strategies: 

1. Products in the MLM system: play a secondary role and have their drawbacks. In one case, these are useless things in everyday life such as dietary supplements, super creams, youth serums, and other unnecessary things. In another case, these are goods that are sold at inflated prices. In fact, without the first and without the second person can safely do in ordinary life. BUT! After all, we were trained by a dollar millionaire! We just need to convince people that without our product, he cannot survive in this life.

2. Invitation of partners is the main step in the MLM business. Do not invite anyone here. Again, dollar millionaires tried, made up a development plan for us. It must certainly be put into practice. People spent their time, recorded videos, created 28 lessons on how to zombie potential customers and make them subscribe, join the team. And we cannot but use this knowledge. This will rob us of good homes and expensive cars. And old age! What will our old age be without MLM? No, we will definitely starve to death! 

MLM business at first glance looks ridiculous. In fact, everything is much worse. Vladimir, the dialogue with whom I brought above, firmly believes in success. And it does not matter that so far he has not earned anything. It doesn’t matter that his suit was bought thirty years ago. It does not matter that for all the time of hard work in the wonderful world of MLM, he did not even earn a ticket on the subway. He firmly believes that rs. 1000000 is waiting for him somewhere. You just need to draw 1340 people into your MLM business in 90 days and everything will be fine. And it doesn’t matter that people pay 4 pensions for the happiness of talking with a dollar millionaire. It is important that he, Rahul, receive his percentage from this.

Skeptic reviews of network marketing 

My attitude to such a phenomenon as an MLM business is negative. Skeptic reviews are extremely negative. It all comes down to getting as many people as possible involved in a pyramid built by a “virtual mentor”. Only those who managed to jump on this tram among the first can earn real money here. The rest will rush, chase and be content with crumbs. With such a dubious method, no one will ever secure old age, but health problems are easy. After all, everyone knows that nerve cells are not restored. Summing up, I want to note that the Internet is full of scams and scammers. The projects they create may look different. But the whole point boils down to pulling out money. Based on personal experience, I can say that the safest type of earnings today is the promotion of affiliate products. Here, the risks of loss of equity are reduced to zero. There is no need to deceive anyone. This method is easy to master even for a beginner. And most importantly, friends and relatives do not turn away from you. You will not be accused of sectarianism, you will not be dismissed as an annoying fly. 

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